Being a MAIP fellow
June 5, 2019
Over the last week, all of the NYC MAIPers have come together and go to know each other! I'm at Anomaly for user experience but it's nice to hear about where everyone else is at and their experience thus far. So many people coming together all POC, all ready to work in the industry, and who have all worked hard to become MAIP fellows has been really great. The main thing I've been feeling is grateful. Not only for this opportunity but this internal network adds some sense of security and stability. Overall being a Fellow, interning at Anomaly feels like a gift that keeps on giving. MAIP has opened so many doors for us all and helping all us navigate this new territory called the Advertising Industry.
Interning at Anomaly
July 1, 2019
The first week at Anomaly has been pretty exciting. I got to be there for Anomaly Week which is the anniversary week turn 15 years old. It was just a cool week because the founding partners held talk about what Anomaly means to them and shared stories about their careers. In addition, I am spending a lot of time with connecting with other Anomaly employees learning about their job and their career trajectory. It was nice to connect and get some insight on what it's like to be here as an employee not just an intern.